Artist Statement


Eva Rose Goetz

Artist Statement

One day, after two years of painting large politically themed paintings, my heart had grown heavy, burdened by holding the suffering in the world. I was caring my brush as an activist might carry a sword. I felt by bearing witness and acknowledging upheaval, chaos, and war in a new context, these paintings might magically change something in us.

Then one day, after digesting a particularly horrific event into narrative form, I threw up my hands and said to the ghosts around me. 
“Today I’m painting animals!” 
A group of paintings called animals with teeth were born. Painting them brought me joy. I was finding I needed to reflect joy as well as suffering.
The barring of their teeth was important.
An act of power.
I was baring my teeth against injustice and celebrating joy at the same time.

Born in Texas with Mexico next door, I was influenced by the land: the bright and dusty colors found both within the landscape and in the narrative folk paintings I so loved. Story telling, and pattern making, are central to Mexican folk art as water is to myth.

Spirituality threads everywhere in my world and is the cloth I am made of. I was raised Jewish and steeped in ritual. I understood from an early age objects as well as the land are infused with spirit.
Dots are leading the image-making presently.
Dots are both energy and form. 
As circles, dots can become windows into consciousness. As points, dots can punctuate beginnings and endings.
Or perhaps dots are points of light or energetic origins or infinity itself.
We all begin and end somewhere.

In this moment the dots have arranged themselves as animals, as land, and trees and recently into Robots. My great hope is that these paintings will delight and remind us we are all made of punctuated points, simply bits of colored light, you and I.
Perhaps what the world just might need is an infusion of joy. ….and teeth…

Eva Rose Goetz Feb. 2018