Artist Statement


Eva Rose Goetz's early years were spent with her family: Mom Dad, brothers and sister and dog Tippy, traveling along flat dusty Texas roads and visiting cotton gins. Her love of art was fostered in the back seat of an old un-air-conditioned station wagon. The family spent winter vacations along Texas border towns near Mexico. Eva crossed into Mexico and her senses were charmed. Goetz's work is born from these early travels into Latin America. Her love of South America, the people, the language, the food, and color--stems from these early beginnings. Today, Eva lives with her own family in Maine; balancing her time between art making, PachaWorks (a shamanic energy practice), and motherhood. Her daughters are now almost grown. She still travels. Peru calls her often, and South America still inspires her.

Goetz received a BFA from University of Texas in Austin, and a MS in Education from Bank Street College in New York where she was also active in the East Village Art Movement. Goetz has exhibited throughout the United States for many years.

“My paintings are an extension of who I am at the moment. Color and light is important. The vibration and spirit of the painting lives here in this alchemical dance. Symbols: I use people, animals, beings, and elements of landscape, symbolically or playfully, as totems in my work. Working from the inside out my world on canvas, expresses ideas, feelings, motivations, and beliefs I am playing with. Sometimes my paintings reflect the groans, sadness, joy and sighs of personal healing and the confusion of being human in this exciting time of inner revolution. Each piece tells a tale. My color choice may arise from crayon boxes, old Holiday Cards or nature. Color is also inspired by travels in South America.

My art is a celebration of spirit: A celebration of life.”