Daily Robots: Creation

Eva Goetz

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Todays Robot: Creation

The Great Sages of the Tantra traditions speak of humans as forms, created from the breath of the Goddess; as she breathes so do we.  We are no greater or smaller than She.  She has gallantly veiled herself from us. And it is only through a diligent meditation practice or the grace of the Guru or simply Grace will our eyes and hearts wake to who we really are.

Everything is made of the same stuff.  I find this ‘truth’ both liberating and terrifying.  We as creators are the holders of golden keys. The blue print of creation is etched in our bones.  It is a marvelous gift, the ability to create. Some may call it a curse when we understand the amount of waste and destruction our hands have sewn. Yes we are the curators of all things and so is SHE.

Creation holds many forms.  When I traveled in India I came to understand the ancient temples I visited were not simply archaeological digs solely in place for tourist revenue and entertainment.  The Great Shakti/Shivah temples are alive and thriving. They buzz with energy. Priests chant mantras and deliver blessings for the pilgrims who enter. Sacred statues are ritually cleaned and attended to daily.  The care takers adorn the statues with flowers while singing special prayers. Each temple deity is freshly dressed as their mantras are chanted.  Yantras are freshly painted on walls and on the ground and flowers and candles are lit and blessed. The temples are living alters: creation at it’s best, teaching us what we are capable of.

We carry the hands of the Goddess and are veiled by the Goddess.  This divine plan is designed by the Goddess as a sacred game.  WE forget who we really are and as we re-member so does she.  The Goddess carries the ability to both reveal and conceal.

When we follow our thoughts in meditation we are privy to her dance. Thoughts arise from awareness and are created and maintained through attention. The thoughts will dissolve when our attention turns away.  If we sit long enough and ask pointed questions like one gifted to me by my teacher: “Who is the one who thinks the thought?”  We may catch a glimpse, a moment, of non thought and drift into awareness. And then the process of creation will begin again.  A thought will arise from awareness and carrying it’s own resonance, become manifest, once again maintained by attention, and as our attention wanes so does the thought.

All material creation arises from thought: the tallest sky scrapper or the sailboat designed for a swift race or Robots.  All creation is thought manifest.

This Robot comes to align you with creation. Breathe and you are created and so you may create.

Sweet day all.