Daily Robots: Dissolve

Eva Goetz

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As I continue on this Robotic journey, I’m surprised and delighted by the ‘words’ that arrive. The word titles chosen thus far are paradoxical by nature; a word containing it’s opposite meaning is close at hand.

‘Dissolve’ for instance may easily move to ‘Resolve’. When we see or hear the word dissolve we may think or see resolve.  Both beautiful sentiments as well as useful when thinking about what is being called toward dissolution and why?

There is a natural order of all things.  The Buddhists point us to key truths.  One of the main tenets of Buddhism is impermanence.  Things come and things go. Feelings and thoughts rise and dissipate.  Seasons change.  The circumstances in our lives change. Our youth, if we are lucky to age, too will pass and our bodies different with each year, will embody marks of aging.

This Robot comes to re-member us toward the dissolution of all things. And that there are times we must dissolve a situation in order for it to resolve.  We don’t always ‘know’ how this will happen.  Actively surrendering to our own breath is one practice. The breath comes in and out.  Holding onto the breath at either end, ‘grasping’ for non breath for too long can cause discomfort.  So it is with ‘grasping onto’ anything passed it’s season.   Sometimes the best action is to let go, and simply allow a thought or situation to dissolve. Dissolving creates space.

As we ‘dissolve’ we open ourselves to  Big Love and possibility.

For what do we dissolve into?

Sweet day all!