An Installation

Think A Bot It

This installation opened on December 14 2019 at Cove Street Arts in Portland Maine.

The Think A Bot It installation is created as a space for discussion and wonder. The large friendly robots demand our attention—waving to us with coded messages and signals asking us for HELP, and to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN. Play here becomes a serious platform where deep questions are to be considered: Are we marching toward a future filled with health and well-being or are we on a destructive course, drunk and blinded with new creative ability? Are we fully considering the impact of innovations on society and our planet?

As in any well scripted drama there is tension between factions advocating for goodness and bad actors who hack their way into a plot. Can we succeed in creating ‘safe’ AI within a climate of competing morals and unwanted surveillance? My highest hope is that we will dream technological worlds that relieve suffering and propagate beauty and help clean up some of our present day and historical ‘human’ messes.