The Day the World Turned

Artwork Details

Title: The Day the World Turned

Size: 8"x10"

Medium: Gouache on board

Status: SOLD


31 Paintings in 31 days

Card #2

Light streamed in
Disciplined photons
unattached to meaning,
seeped into the underbelly of
nothing was left untouched.

New light brought new language,
Old altars no longer anchored
were airless;
structures cart-wheeled,
and tumbled like weeds,
and came crashing down.

When the old dream collapsed
memories oozed from shards of fallen and broken fabrications;
absorbed and mulched by the earth
memories laid fertile ground.

Sacred space seeds
imprinted with faces of all angels
were flown in from new galaxies.
Specially engineered and infused with star light,
the seeds fell and planted in the debris,

Deities sprang up!
They rose and dressed in new clothes.

New altars were built.
Reassembled archetypes were
remembered and placed on pedestals
consecrated and well constructed,

no one was forgotten.

And the world began again.

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