Leaf Song

Artwork Details

Title: Leaf Song

Size: 8"x10"

Medium: Gouache on board

Status: SOLD


31 Paintings in 31 days

Story for Card # 1 Leaf Song


A small man wearing a grey hat walked the old great forest. He carried one leaf. No one knew how long he had walked or how heavy the bundled was that he carried. Time and weight in this place was unmeasurable.

The leaf had once been part of an ancient bush fed by dream and fabricated by elders from the in between.

Medicine men and women from this region still remembered the plant’s song and how to hum back to it’s origins.

Many moons ago the elders had circled a fire and listened deeply to the flames.
Crackling hot embers had spoken. The fire fore told those who listened that the time of the great shattering neared.


The man in the grey hat, had protected and carried the leaf through rain, night, day, and storm and sun. Stars had twinkled him to sleep. And butterflies and bees lulled and whispered him on his way.

His shoes were worn and his skin became part of everything he had seen and done; the dust and determination in his eyes were now one. The road had been written so long ago all he had to do was follow the trail.

Finally he came to the forest’s edge. He rested.
Here he unwrapped the green prize and held it to his heart.
Prayers pierced his lips and songs danced his feet.

The medicine contained in the leaf must be woken and made potent first.
He reconstructed the forgotten song.
He sang and whistled and trees danced along for three days.
And then…

The leaf woke up! and vibrated with the sound well sung and also began to sing along.
And Invisibly leaf stuff un-tethered seeped into the fibers of the world.

It was time.


The woken leaf’s dream shook free and snaked sky ward, infused with mist and dew.
And into the breath of wind it flew.

If you had eyes that could see these things,
you would have been treated to luminous fire trails as wings
shooting sky ward zooming into cloudless tails.

Water droplets formed and turned into shimmery orbs,
falling back to earth as droplets,
burst and scattered upon impact and dispersed.

Rain dripped onto all colors of skin
Awaking kindness from deep within.

People woke up,
as if from a long long sleep.
And were given permission to dream again.

All remembered we were part of the same song,
began by earth and star.

Once again everything living
was mirrored and
reflected on skin.

and nothing was not living in their bones.

Wars stopped.
And flowers bloomed.
And kindness reigned.
And thus it was.
Green to Blue
Red to brown
Yellow to White
All leading back to black and that mysterious night
shadows came to light.

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