Metallic Kite Song

Artwork Details

Title: Metallic Kite Song

Size: 8"x10"

Medium: Gouache on board

Status: SOLD


31 Paintings in 31 days

Card #3

Metallic star ship
in the sky
shaped a bit like an eye.

Guidance systems tracking
a calming purr
engines a soundless whirr.

Crossing orbits
at unfathomable speed
portals suspended
among good deeds.

Far in the distance
space rivers at play
galactic waves rocking ship
at the end of Jupiter’s day.

Between worlds
a spotted apparition lurks
black and white dots
the  jeweled ship jerks

“Looks Un-menacing.” the captain blurts.
Astronauts settle down for the night
outside black holes no light

Ship floundering while pilots dream
Vessel wobbles and bucks at the seam

Distress from instrument’s controls now clear.
Warning lights flashing,
Danger (!)
collision is near!!

Systems in place speaking out loud:
“Stay away from that black and white cloud!”

Will warp speed engines save the craft from destruction?
Will astronauts awake from slumbered malfunction?

Ship screeching
pulled now to a stop.
emergency system
spinning like a top
Ship gains momentum


Has the craft been saved from the veiled vacuumed doom?
(reader now part of unknown spell)
All depends on who tells..

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