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One day, after three years of painting large politically themed paintings, I realized my heart had grown heavy. Burdened by the suffering in the world, I had carried my brush as a sword.


I felt by bearing witness and acknowledging upheaval, chaos, and war in a new context, these paintings might magically change something in us.

But one day, after a particularly difficult painting was complete, I threw up my and hands and said to the ghosts around me. “Today I am painting animals!”

New Exhibition

Greetings from the New World

Elizabeth Moss Galleries. Falmouth, ME
January 8th to February 6th 2021

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Facebook Live Event – Interview with Maine artist Eva Goetz 1/12

Join us on January 12th 2021 at 6:00pm for a Facebook Live Event for an interview with Maine Artist Eva Rose Goetz. The Event marks the opening of her new exhibition "What Was That?" on view at Elizabeth Moss Galleries until Februray 6th 2021.


I felt so safe in a world that was telling me I was unsafe

A Year None Of Us Could Have Imagined Original Story: Portland Press Herald – Dec 27th 2020 Written By: Bob Keyes Photo: Brianna Soukup Read Full Article ‘I felt so safe in a world that was telling me I was unsafe’ Artist Eva Rose Goetz, 68, converted an upstairs room at her South Portland home […]

Past Exhibition

Think A Bot It:
An Installation

Cove Street Arts, Portland Maine.

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